Sharpen the Mind


4 Oz Mind Spray


Sharpen the mind is formulated with Key ingredients with a clean, woody soft scent to help you focus . Spray around Head neck and chest or in room.

Contents : Distilled water, Lavender (lavandula augustifolia), Elimi (canarium luzonicum), Melissa(Melissa officials), Ylang Ylang (caning Od), other essential oils, Sole and Coconut.

Lavender-Helps make you more alert and boost stamina and memory. Calming and relaxing. Helps anxiety

Elemi-rejuvenating, promotes a sense of well-being. Stimulates mental ability

Melissa-calming and relaxing, helps with speech and presentations, mind strengthening,

Ylang Ylang -calming, soothing, relaxing, helps with stress and anxiety,

Clary Sage-optimizing brain function, memory, helps with concentration

Rosemary-mental clarity, stimulates the mind, helps with mental exhaustion, helps with brain fog and forgetfulness.