Do you ever feel as though there is something in your DNA or family genetics that is interfering with your life and is holding you back but don’t know how to get past it? Do you think you need to be doing something, however you are just not doing it? Are you feeling held back? Do you feel as though you have the family curse? Has the same thing happened from one person to the next… from generation to generation in your family? If you answer yes to any of these questions you could really benefit from a generational healing session. Karolyn goes through a number of generations and does a clearing on many levels. Clients have commented that they feel lighter and that can move forward with the things in life that they felt were holding them back.

“I have personally used Karolyn’s services on two different occasions. The first time I went to see Karolyn I was going through a very tough time in my life and felt like I couldn’t regain my positive outlook and attitude on things. I was definitely in a rut. One session with Karolyn really opened up the flow of energy in my mind and body. I truly feel like it was a jump start to getting back to being my motivated, positive, and happy self. The second time I went to see her I had a neck pain that was causing me severe discomfort and I was having a hard time sleeping because of the pain. I didn’t expect to leave Karolyn’s healing hands feeling completely free of that pain, but sure enough, on the drive home I realized that it had completely gone away. Thank you Karolyn!” – Shelvin D