• Are you interested in learning about healing properties of sound waves?

In this Introduction to Vibrational Healing class we will learn about the healing properties of sound waves in the form of musical tones using seven chakra tuning forks. The vibrations from these seven chakra tuning forks correspond to seven energy centers in our bodies. Participants will discover how these vibrations can be beneficial to the body’s health and well-being.

Participants will learn how to use the seven chakra tuning forks, including:

  • How to hold them
  • How to clear them
  • How to activate them
  • Where and how long to hold each tuning fork in place.

Participants will both give and receive a treatment from another class member. Vibrational healing is a great complement to any energy work practice.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion

PREREQUISITE: None. KIHH Beginning Energy Work is recommended as a compliment to this course.


  • 9 chakra tuning forks*

*Chakra tuning forks must be ordered and purchased from KIHH one month in advance of class.


I referred someone to Karolyn that is very close to me and I have to admit I am dumbfounded with her abilities to pinpoint exactly what needs to happen to help her clients. She is fabulous and I think every single person should take a moment to meet her!

– Tracy B