Energy sensitive people and depression

I feel it is so very important to talk about people that are sensitive to other peoples energy.

Can you feel other peoples Grief, Sadness, Stress, fears or pain (physically and emotionally )?

Do other peoples energy effect how you feel or who you are?

People that are intuitive and that feel others energy can be become depressed if they don’t  know how to work with their gift.

Having energy work done to you and learning how to protect your energy can really help you Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually .

Want To See How I Make Sunscreen?

I recently had a friend visiting me and she was fascinated to see how I was making my sunscreen.  I wanted to share the process with you.

Lovely Poem From Client – Healing with Feeling

I get to work on a lot of wonderful and amazing people.  Recently one of my talented poet clients wrote me this.

Healing with Feeling
The Power of your hands and mind is Curious , However, their influence is helpful and serious That is causes some clients to be delirious.
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