Why Essential Oil Quality Matters

Quality is important.

Here is what I look for when I am picking oils to add to my collection.

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  1. I’m so pleased to see this! Sooooo many people seem to doubt or minimize the importance of how, when, and where their oils are sourced. I have a family member who has been enjoying sessions with you, and it was an immense weight off my mind when I heard them talk about this!!!

    Looking forward to meeting you. I would be all over some classes, lady!!!!

  2. Hi Aimee , I would Love to have you in my classes! Please email me so I can include you on my class list .
    As far as the oils go one of the most important things are the source of the oil. What is the official name of each oil. For my products the official (full name of the oil ) will be listed on my website.

  3. The cost of a essential oil is a sign of a quality oil. If its cheap Its probably not a real oil.
    KIHH Tries to keep cost down but quality is a must!

    Does your oils smell as you expect them to smell? If they don’t thats a sign .

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