• Did you enjoy Level 1 of Healing with Stones?
  • Do you want to learn even more about the healing properties of stones?

Crystals are more than just a beautiful stone, they have an amazing amount of healing energy. When using crystals together, or with other stones, they can create a stronger healing energy. In this class you will learn crystal “starring”, how to clear energy blockages with the use of crystals, and what elixirs are and how to make them using crystals. You will receive four quartz crystals for use in class that you will be able to take home with you.

Participants will receive a Healing with Stones – Level 2 Certificate of Completion.

PREREQUISITE: Healing with Stones – Level 1


healing with stones level 2

“Karolyn had a client who had shoulder pain. She went to the chiropractor and massage therapy but the doctor told her there wasn’t anything wrong. This client absolutely loved Karolyn and went home with the ability to move her shoulder when she couldn’t before.” – Linda B