Grief Relief


Grief Spray 2 oz Spray


Grief Relief is formulated with key ingredients to help you with grief and mourning by helping you feel more calm, comforted, and grounded.Helps with depression & anxiety. Spray front and back of chest, and around the head and neck.

Contents: Distilled Water, Bergamot(Rhododendrom anthopogon), Rhododendron(Boswellia Carteri birdwood), Frankincense, Kunzea(Kunzea ericifolia),other essential oils, sole, and coconut oil.

Bergamot- reduces anxiety and depression. Uplifting, sooths stress and anger of loss. Helps find joy again.
Rhododendron- calming oil for meditation. Opens heart and mind while dealing with grief.
Frankincense- helps with depression by strengthening your connection to the divine.
Kunzea- grounding oil that supports self-love & finding joy. Helps overcome traumas, encourages the release of emotions.
Lavender- ease anxiety, depression, and stress.
Myrrh- introduce a sense of peace and stillness. helps reconnect your physical and emotional aura. Brings tranquility
Laurel Leaf- uplifts senses, promote positive emotions and feelings. Helps with breathing
Coconut-Blending oil