Healing through music, Tuning forks, singing bowls, and voice. When you raise the Vibration in the body it makes you feel less tired and less susceptible to health challenges. Vibratonal healing is through music, tuning forks, singing bowls and voice.

Karolyn has many different tuning forks including: Chakra forks, vertebrae forks, organ& meridian forks, mineral forks, Emotional & Mental Healing forks, DNA , Planetary and many more. Each fork raises the vibration in the body and Aura so it can get back to the vibration it use to be before physical, emotional, and mental traumas.
tuning forks

“Karolyn has brought to the surface those feelings that were affecting my health and manifesting as pain in my body. With her assistance I was able to acknowledge and release the energy associated with the pain. I had already been through several weeks of physical therapy, which temporarily relieved the pain with each session, but was ineffective in healing me completely. Karolyn’s healing sessions are a wonderful compliment to other health practices or as an effective alternative when used alone. I am very grateful for Karolyn’s healing hands.” – Anonymous