Angel Wings


Protection Spray-4 oz


Angel wings is formulated with key ingredients to give a sense of protection and balance. Helps release negative energies, release stress and provide a sense of grounding and heightened spirituality.

Spray Around head, chest, and back of chest while holding the intention to have angel wings around you for protection

Contents: Distilled water , Sole, Coconut(Cocos Nucitera), Peppermint(menthe piperita), Lavender(lavandula anguvstifolia), Geranium(pelargonium graveedens), Sage(salvia officinalis), and other essential oils .

Peppermint- refresh and regain mental clarity
Lavender- removes negative and anxious feelings, calming
Geranium- Release negative energy and lifts spirit
Sage -Release negative energy, cleansing
Cedarwood – cleansing
Myrrh-promotes Spiritual awareness
Bergamount -calming
Patchouli-relaxant that clarifies thoughts
Cypress-creates a sense of security and grounding
Juniper berry -evokes feelings of love peace and joy, helps with spiritual awareness
Frankincense- Increase spiritual awareness, promotes prayer and meditation
Fennel-ward off evil spirits

Great for energy workers and people that are sensitive to energies