Strength & Security


Strength and Security  4 oz Spray


Strength and Security -is formulated with Key ingredients to help bring Strength, security, and a feeling safety into your life. Spray in front of you and inhale while walking into the mist. Spray above your head and around your shoulders.

Contents: Distilled water ,Cederwood (Cedus atlantica), Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Vetivers (Vetiveria Zizaniodes), other essential oils, Sole, and coconut.

Sandalwood- spiritual and sacred oil that aids with prayer and meditation. Brings calmness because it cleanses the air. Relaxing and brings peace. Sedative effect that brings a sense of calmness and releases anxiety. Helps with mental clarity and increase confidence.

Rose- stimulates brain to release endorphins, releases the feel-good hormones. antidepressant, helps with anxiety and depression

Lavender- calming, natural sedative, reduces anxiety, helps nervousness, helps depression, improves mood.

Vetiver- calm and stabiles emotions, supports focus and concentration

Jasmin- improve sleep, lower anxiety, increase alertness and cognitive performance, cheer mood, balancing and uplifting fatigue

Vanilla- deeply calming, stabilizing, and cheering. antidepressant

Patchouli- relieves depression, relaxing, eases stress and anxiety