Lovely Poem From Client – Healing with Feeling

I get to work on a lot of wonderful and amazing people.  Recently one of my talented poet clients wrote me this.

Healing with Feeling
The Power of your hands and mind is Curious , However, their influence is helpful and serious That is causes some clients to be delirious.
Hands so powerfully effective and amazing While you release energy so intense and blazing Has senses reeling and lips Praising.
Calling angels to ease body, spirit and mind Searching for answers not easily defined Bringing peace when secrets finally unwind.
Unleashing negativity as you pray Knowing just the right words to say Obtaining inner harmony is your forte.
Releasing demons and relieving a buried crutch With the help of God, Angels, oils and such Comforting and soothing the pain with your touch.
Taking the time to listen to joys and fears, offering a shoulder or tissue for the tears Rejoicing breakthroughs when the fog finally clears.
Thank you, Karolyn , for your healing way. I thank God for you every single day What I’d do without you is hard to say.

Brenda Rueckert

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