Bug Be Gone


4 Oz Natural Bug Spray

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Bug Be Gone is DEET FREE- and is formulated with Key ingredients to naturally and. effectively repel gnats and mosquitoes . Spray on skin, mist lightly around clothing. Spray on hands and pat on face.

Contents :    Witch Hazel (hamamelis Virginiana),  Soybean oil (glycine Max), Coconut (coco Nucifera)  , Mexican Vanilla ,  And Essential oils

Witch hazel – astringent effects
Soybean oil- base
Coconut- has fatty acids that have strong repellency and effectiveness against multiple insects.
Mexican vanilla-Natural bug repellant
Citronella – Bug Repellent
Catnip-Bug Repellent
Neem-bug repellent
Lemon eucalyptus – bug repellent