Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) – Advanced Level – First Half Payment


Register for the Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) – Advanced Level class.

The total cost of the class is $300.00 and this is the first half of the registration fee.

You will pay the remaining $150.00 at the class.

Looking forward to working with you.

Love, Karolyn



In this level of IET participants will use the knowledge of releasing energy blockages, primarily focusing on releasing limitations and constrictions, and learn soul star clearing and heart wave techniques.
When we struggle, feeling limited, constricted, or victimized in our lives, release of energy blockages is a way to be free of those struggles, limitations, constrictions, and victimization in ourselves and others, and to return us to our life path. Participants will also learn about and create a vision board to help focus on and define life goals, and to propel you towards your soul purpose.
Participants will receive the Advanced Level IET Attunement from the IET Master Instructor, and an Advanced Level IET Certificate upon completion.
Previously Certified Advanced Level IET students may review and participate in this class for $125.00*.
*Previously certified students must call to make payment.
PREREQUISITE: Basic and Intermediate Level IET