Reiki – Level 2 Intermediate – First Half Payment


Register for the Reiki – Level 2 Intermediate class.

The total cost of the class is $125.00 and this is the first half of the registration fee.

You will pay the remaining $62.50 at the class.

Looking forward to working with you.

Love, Karolyn



In this class participants will learn the three Reiki symbols that create the mental pathway to the spiritual
waiting to be utilized, and how to use them in healing practice for body, mind, or spirit of self or others.

Participants will also learn the practice of absent or distance healing, and the Reiki symbol to increase
the Reiki energy for a stronger healing. This is a hands on class. Participants will work on self, with multiple
partners, and on distance healing for others. Mirrors will be provided for class.

Participants will receive the Reiki – Level 1 Basic Attunement from the Reiki Master
Participants will receive a Reiki – Level 1 Certificate upon completion

PREREQUISITE: Reiki – Level 1
SUPPLIES NEEDED: a photo of yourself, and photos of those to whom you wish to send healing.