Clear the Fog


Mind clearing and Mediation Spray- 2 oz Spray


Clear the Fog is formulated with key ingredients to help with deep meditation by clearing the mind and promoting relaxation. Spray on hand and apply to the 3rd Eye(between physical eyes on the forehead ) and spray base of skull at back of head. fluff the energy of the oils around head and scalp.

Contents: Distilled Water, Green Cognac(Vitis Vinifera L), Calamus(Acorus calamusL), Muhuhu(African sandalwood ), other essential oils, Sole & Coconut

Green Cognac-uplifting, relaxing, and comforting benefits
Calamus-helps with memory loss & anxiety
Muhuhu (African sandalwood)- combating stress, anxiety & depressed mood. Grounding and
calming. Great for meditation.
Vetiver- reduces stress, aids in recovery from emotional turmoil.
Patchouli-relieves depression, relaxing, helps with stress and anxiety. Helps with headaches
Coconut- blending oil.