Vibrational Healing – Intermediate Level – Total Payment


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The total cost of the class is $125.00.

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At this level students will learn how chakras work together in pairs. Since they are mated together in health, they can also create disease together. When one of the pair is out of balance the other chakra picks up the slack and works double-time. Using 9 chakra tuning forks we will work with both the primary and secondary mates that go with each of the chakras we will be studying. We will also be working with non-moving spots around each chakra to bring the chakras to a perfect balance.

Participants will receive a Certificate of Completion.

PREREQUISITE: Vibrational Healing – Basic Level


  • 9 chakra tuning forks*

*Chakra tuning forks must be ordered and purchased from KIHH one month in advance of class.