Ear Candling, Neti pot, & Himalayan salts – Total Payment


Register for the Ear candling, Neti pot, & Himalayan salts class.

The total cost of the class is $80.00.

Looking forward to working with you.

Love, Karolyn



Ear Candling: Wondering if ear-candling really works? Why is it good for your health? If you or a family member suffers from colds, sinus problems, allergies, or hearing problems ear candling may be for you. Participants will learn how ear candling works, and its health benefits. Participants will also have the opportunity to perform an ear candling and will receive four new ear candles, two for use on a partner in class, and two to take home.

Neti pot: Participants will be instructed in the proper use of a Neti pot, how to mix the ingredients, the correct temperature of the water, and the best technique for comfort and relief of cold and sinus symptoms. This class includes personal coaching and practice, so you will be able to successfully treat yourself at home.

Himalayan salts: Participants will learns the specific uses and health benefits of Himalayan salts.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: bath towel, hand towel, large bowl or pan, and one Neti pot*

*Participants may bring a Neti pot from home, or purchase a Neti pot for $15.00 the day of class (this price is only offered at this class).